This is the remarkable moment a young lion cub tries to save his companion from being tranquilized by attempting to pull a dart out of her body.

The lioness was struck by the dart at Ol-Pejeta conservancy by conservationist monitoring its movement. After seeing one of its kind has been hit, a nearby lion rushed to the female’s aid and wrapped his teeth around the dart.
He then pulled out the dart as he desperately tried to save the cat.

The lioness had been targeted as it was suffering from disease in her paws. They treated her and returned her to the wild.

A lion cub attempts to pull a tranquiliser dart out of a lioness’s side after she was hit
Moments earlier the lioness had been targeted with the tranquiliser dart by conservationists wanting to give her treatment for disease
Thinking that the lioness was in danger, the young cub rushed to her aid and desperately tried to pull the dart from her body
A wildlife ranger cautiously approaches the lion after she was hit by a tranquiliser dart so they could give her treatment for a diseased paw
Once she was subdued, vets got to work treating the lioness and also set up a radio collar on her neck so they could track her movements
The lioness had been targeted as the wildlife conservationists knew she was suffering from disease and had a sore on one of her paws

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Soon after vets administered her treatment, the lion began to recover from the effects of the tranquiliser and was soon sitting up again
She later clambered on to her feet and was ready to join the rest of the animals in the wild at the Ol Pejeta conservancy

Additional reporting by Daily Mail