sirmaKenya Volleyball Federation Vice Chairman has responded to reports of an alleged sex scandal that has hit the Kenya women’s national volleyball team.

Vice Chair Sirma is one of the volleyball officials accused of making sexual advances on players.

Speaking to ‘The Nairobian’, Sirma denied the accusations saying that his wife is more beautiful than the players.

Here’s the full interview:

Talk is rife that  the girls did not give their best during their last outing due to low morale and that senior players will be axed for sabotage…

We are not aware of that. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the team performed very well. If there is any player who was threatened, then she should name whoever issued threats.

There are federation officials making sexual advances on players…

The girls should be specific and state their cases without ambiguity.

Your name has been mentioned as one of the officials who harass certain players for refusing to sleep with you…

I’m a disciplinarian. I can’t go joking around with players. If you do not do your duty, there will be trouble. I expect the players perform on the pitch and be disciplined as well.

Have you ever made any sexual advances on Janet Wanja, Wacu or any of the other players?

I have never done that and I am not interested in the girls in that way. My wife is more beautiful than the players. I am contented with my family my friend. Let me tell you, those are my subordinates and I do not do such things.

If there is any among them who has issues with me, the player should come out and clearly state her problem with me or misgivings. There must be specifics about what I did or did not do so that I can respond exhaustively. This is pure politics to tarnish the name of officials.

There are posts on Facebook that you once approached Janet Wanja…

I am not that close to Wanja. In fact, I do not even talk to her apart from saying ‘hi’ just like I do to other players. Tell her to confirm to you and quote the incident and give you a list of people who were there.

May be the problem is because I was very strict and tough on her when we were at the World Grand Prix. If those stories are true, then she should have formally complained to the national executive. I know she hates me with a passion and if she had any evidence, she would have provided it by now.

But why would a senior player go out of her way to deliberately malign and innocent man?

I read her the riot act when we were in Australia because she was the one inciting other players. She was the reason some players were suspended when we were in Maputo because of gossiping about colleagues. Has she told you that?

She is a senior player, but she does not lead by example. This is a problem with every player who is ageing. Remember when former captain Dorcas Ndasaba was about to retire? She brought trouble and incited junior players. It is the same thing Wanja is doing.

How can we avoid such incidents in future?

There was a time when the team was playing and the senior players were not included. They recently did not go to Cameroon because of indiscipline; these decisions are not mine, but resolutions passed by the national executive.

Source: Nairobian