langThis is the sad story of one woman serving a 16 year term at Lang’ata Women’s Prison, as posted by Spirits of Nairobi.

“I come from Pakistan. I was tricked by my husband’s friend who used to bring boutique items to Kenya. He came to our home and told my husband he wanted me to deliver the luggage for him from Pakistan to Kenya, for a fee. I said okay. He gave me a ticket and everything else. So I booked the luggage under my name.

When I landed in Kenya the airport officials checked my passport and requested I join them in an office. That’s when they told me that one of my bags had drugs. I pleaded with the officials. I told them I didn’t know anything about drugs. As far as I was concerned I was carrying clothes and beauty items. But they could not listen to me. They said they were used to such stories.

They took me to a police station where I spent the night. The following day I was taken to court and after one year I was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2010. I have just done five years and six months. I have a husband and seven children back in Pakistan.

The family raised money for ticket and my eldest son came to see me in 2011. Since that time no one has ever come again because they are poor and can’t afford the airfare. My husband is retired and the family depends on my first born son and my daughter, who is married. I miss them very much. When I remember them I cry a lot.

I don’t know anybody here. I am just alone and very lonely. It’s worse during visiting days when I see the other prisoners talking to their families”

Do you believe her?