billThis post has been doing rounds on Facebook for a couple of days. It shows you the path to riches, explaining how easy it is to become a billionaire by quitting your job and starting your own business.

It is one of the most useless piece of garbage I’ve ever read, most likely not written by a billionaire, but I decided to share it anyway. If the path to riches was this easy, I don’t know why we’re still a poor nation.


If your boss paid you 30,000 every month and you saved all that money without touching a coin, you would need to work for 36 months to get 1million. But if you convinced an organization like The UN to give you a printing job for only 5,000 umbrellas and
you made 200bob from each umbrella that
would be 5,000×200=1,000,000. In only a day.
It becomes crazy if you want to become a Billionare. Say your boss pays you 1m per month and you saved all that money without touching a single coin, in a year you would only have 12million and you would need to work for 84years to get 1billion (How old are you??).

However, there are 40million people in kenya if
you supllied salt to 12million of them once per
month making 10 bob per packet, it would only
take you 1 year to be a bilionare.

Because the way to be rich is to stop Dealing with
Bosses and start dealing with clients.