breastfeedA police officer in Mombasa is question her househelp after she caught her breast feeding the officer’s four month old baby.

The officer said that she arrived home from work and found the nanny seated on the couch with the baby on her laps, latched to a bare breast.

The househelp on seeing her boss quickly placed the baby on the seat and stood up in shock.

When questioned, she reportedly became defensive saying that it was not her intention.

The police officer, who is a corporal, called in a neighbour who also tried inquiring from the house help about her actions. The house help only kept apologising.

“Until now she has not given any explanation as to why she did it and is not giving us details of whether she has in the past breastfed my baby,” said the baby’s mother as quoted by Nairobi News.

“The house help is still in my house as we wait for tests to be done on her and my baby to determine any risks,” she said.

She added that the househelp who has been employed for five months, was diligent in her work and she never had any issues.

The house help has a seven year old child whom she left at her rural home in Mumias before going to Mombasa for employment.