Nairobi is full of beggars, many of whom are just fooling the public.
We’ve seen crippled men exposed to be con men out to get freebies from the public, or women pretending to be critically ill, when in fact it isn’t true.

On Sunday, Pchirchir Elisha on Facebook exposed a ‘blind and crippled’ beggar in Ngara. When donations were not forthcoming, the man just stood up and pushed his wheelchair away.
Mr. Elisha wrote, “
MIRACLES do happen!!! (In fact, when you people are mean. No ‘offerings’) – It happened on Sunday at Ngara Nairobi. 
This “blind” man on wheelchair, SEEING no money coming his way, rose up and walked! He angrily pushed his own wheelchair… He couldn’t even fall after a distance!
This is spectacular!”
Some pictures.