uchumiBy Ngugi Thiong’o

Yesterday I took sometime at Uchumi Supermarket, Capital Centre Branch trying to do some shopping. I was literally in shock to realize that the Supermarket has been blacklisted by almost all serious suppliers. One, there’s no Uchumi Supermarket within Nairobi that has any Newspaper – on Saturday I walked in one next to Kenya Power Building and the attendant innocently told me that NMG, SG, and other printmedia companies ceased to supply their products.

At Capital Centre, I couldn’t find serious water to buy, only some from Mickey Mouse companies etc etc.. Generally, only empty shelves would be spotted from all corners. I just bought two items and regrettably walked out for Nakumatt South C. Really, as discouraging as it is, that’s the current state of one of the Big 4 supermarkets in Kenya.

It was milked, sucked, drained both milk and blood and now only skeletons and some rotten flesh are visible. Very unfortunate, and if I remember, many branches have been closed – obviously leading to thousands of Kenyans losing their source of livelihood, and many other bad things that you can imagine.

Meanwhile I join other Kenyans in celebrating the selfmade billionaire, Chris Kirubi and the New Billionaire in town, Ciano, the former Uchumi CEO.