willisWillis Raburu’s animated and goofy character is not anything new to most Kenyans. If the Citizen TV journalist wasn’t working in media, he would easily make it as a comedian.

Recently, he launched his Youtube channel, ‘That Online Guy,’ in which he shares his one of kind, humorous side to the world.

On Tuesday, he caught the attention of British reggae and pop singer Melissa Steel after singing her hit song, ‘Kisses For Breakfast’ featuring Popcaan.

melissa steel

Willis was competing in Hot 96 FM ‘Simu Hot’ Challenge hosted by Monique Kabuye in which participants are required to send their covers of a song for a chance to win a phone.

Willis’ two covers did not only win him the phone but also cracked up Melissa Steel, who retweeted the clips.

Watch the hilarious clips below: