ji“Nowadays, alot of young people are looking for an easy way out to get to a good life, hence quite a bunch of them are looking for Sponsors.
Sponsors in this case are either men or women who have money to give them a good life in exchange of their bodies for pleasure.
Am a strong believer of hard work and process to gain success in life. This song is dedicated to young people who want an easy life and quick success to remind them that Jesus is the real Sponsor who when they come to Him can get all they need, of course through the right ways, and not regret later.
Young people, lets get busy and pursue our dreams with patience, hard work, determination and with time, we shall achieve all our dreams. Most importantly, trusting in God is the ultimate solution to life.”

That is the description Jimmy Gait provides on YouTube for his latest single ‘Yesu Ndie Sponsor’. Clearly he knows what ‘sponsor’ means, and the benefits ‘sponsors’ get for their ‘sponsorship’.

It’s therefore unclear why he thinks Jesus fits that description.
The video has more YouTube dislikes than likes, and Jimmy Gait has been trending since Friday.

Listen below and judge for yourself.