greenWhy always Bungoma County?

The county that produced ‘James Bond Wanjala’, the man who hitched a ride on a helicopter, has now produced two young boys who risked their lives by travelling under a bus from Chwele in Bungoma to Nairobi on Monday night.

The minors reportedly secured a ‘safe’ spot on the chassis of a Greenline Safaris Company bus where they lay throughout the 10-hour journey without being noticed by the staff or passengers.

They were finally discovered after the bus arrived in Nairobi on Tuesday morning.

They appeared to be in good health despite the cold weather and the risks involved.

The bus company management revealed to that the two, who have since been returned to Bungoma, were allegedly talked into the mission by their cousin who was once a street urchin in Nairobi.

Muigi Thuo, a manager at Greenline Safaris added that the two boys were among a group of six, four of whom travelled clinging on a Nairobi-bound truck.

bungoma boys