size 8If you are of the view that born again men are boring, gospel singer Size 8 has a message for you.

Having been in the secular scene a couple of years ago before her switch to gospel and getting married to a saved DJ Mo, the ‘Afadhali Yesu’ singer should know a thing or two about the value of a saved man.

“What do they mean when they talk about fun? Saved men are very much fun to be around, especially if you share the same values,” she said.

She defended them saying that they not only dress well, but are also more disciplined.

“What most women don’t know is that getting a born-again man is almost like an investment. When you give birth and can’t go to the bar any more, a man who is not born again will most likely still continue with his lifestyle.”

Born-again men will always be at home,” Size 8 told The Nairobian.

Size 8’s sentiments come after Naked Truth founder, Pastor Robert Burale advised born-again men to look for other fun things to do apart from hanging out in churches and reading the Bible.

He said one of the reasons they are considered boring is because they don’t support sex before marriage.

“I’m totally for sex after marriage, but that does not mean that one cannot compliment a woman and tell her that she has beautiful eyes,” he said.

“A few saved men take the scripture even to dates. Women love attention, so don’t compliment them with a verse from your King Solomon Bible,” Burale told The Nairobian.