jamalA form two student was on Monday June 20, given a dog’s beating after he was caught stealing in Westlands, Nairobi.

It took the intervention of KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi to stop the angry mob from lynching him.

The boy, still in school uniform at the time, had reportedly sneaked from school to rob passers by who walk alone in the night.

On Monday night, his victim was a lady who said that the student was choking her while demanding that she surrenders all that she had in her bag. She also claimed that the boy had attempted to rape her.

Screams from the woman alerted neighbours and security guards who descended on the boy mercilessly.

In his defense, the thief claimed that he was hungry and had not fed for a week.

That, however, did not stop the angry mob from calling for petrol to lynch him.

Jamal Gaddafi who hosts ‘Maisha Mzuqa’ was present at the scene and helped calm down the situation before it escalated further.

Here is the video he recorded: