Kenya’s most watched TV station, Citizen TV, has finally decided to spend some money on a real news studio.

The station has been reading their news and hosting their talk shows in a dingy studio with either a a black cloth as the background or a few screens. It was a genuinely disappointing set up for a station that receives most of the advertising money.

On Monday, they revamped the place with some new flashy backgrounds and floor and even more screens.

While I don’t think the station is where it’s supposed to be studio-wise, the new one is a huge improvement. I don’t know why Kenyan stations treat their news studios as an afterthought. Most cost less than Sh10 million and yet these are what become the face of the station.

In 2014, ESPN spent a reported KSh 12.5 billion on their futuristic sports studio.



Surely, Citizen can afford to spend Sh200 or 300 million on something spectacular.

Anyway, here’s Citizen TV’s new news studio.