big daddyBelieve it or not, wedding bells are ringing in Mombasa for a crocodile.

The reptile, christened ‘Big Daddy’ will be tying the knot to his two brides in a few short months.

But before the D Day, a team from the Guinness Book of Records will arrive in September to measure his vital statistics as Big Daddy attempts to take a shot at a world record.

While Big Daddy’s upcoming nuptials sounds like a sweet fairy tale, the crocodile has not always been a darling and has a very dark past.

In 1986, he was captured and put in captivity after mauling five people in River Tana. So mean was he that when he arrived at his new home in Mamba Village, he ate 10 of his new found friends.

Daddy’s aggressiveness is evident as some of the crocodiles have broken jaws while others are tailless as a result of his attacks.

His deadly appetite handed him a solitary confinement in one of the ponds.

A few years ago, his lonely days came to an end when two female crocodiles, Sasha and Salma, were introduced in his pond, and as they say, the rest is history.

Big Daddy became a better behaved reptile, even allowing one or the other of the two to enjoy a bite from his share of meat at feeding times every Friday.

In December, he will be wedding both Sasha and Salma, aged 35 and 40 years.

“We expect that the event will attract thousands of tourists who will come to witness the rare occasion,” said Mr Paul Mutua, the product manager at Mamba Village.

Mr. Mutua is still in talks with the Kenya Tourism Board and other players in the sector to see how the event can be used to promote tourism.

“We are still discussing on how we will put a “king’s crown” on his head and veils for the brides. When it comes to “kiss the bride”, there is also an elaborate plan for that,” said Mr Mutua as quoted by Daily Nation.

Big Daddy already attracts hundreds of tourists who love to watch him as he feeds. The number is expected to rise come December when Big Daddy makes honest ‘women’ out of Sasha and Salma.

Weighing about 1 tonne and measuring over 5 metres long, Big Daddy is believed to be over 100 years old.

The longest crocodile in the world as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records lives in a zoo in Australia. It measures 5.5 metres, weighs 1,300 kilos and is said to be 110 years old.

Source: Daily Nation