epicThere’s no love lost between former Inspector General David Kimaiyo and lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Following the revocation of Kimaiyo’s appointment as Kenya Airports Authority Chairman, Ahmednasir took to Twitter to taunt him.
“David kimaiyo was utterly humiliated and thrown out of the window…literally. KAA chairmanship was too big for him.. Kimaiyo is the only Kenyan HE Uhuru sacked twice in two years…God HE Uhuru has a very low opinion of the man!!” he wrote.

Kimaiyo knew exactly why the lawyer was against him.’

But Ahmednasir was not done yet. He called Kimaiyo a failure in the security docket. 

“The lowest point of HE Uhuru govt…when he entrusted our security on kimaiyo & ole lenku.. you were incompetent, inept, ill prepared. You were a total disgrace as IG. You are better at the pulpit.” he wrote.

But Kimaiyo was not done.

And then his mic drop moment.

We’ll keep tabs to see how this progresses.

Source – Policy.co.ke