chronixx9As we have come to expect from visiting international acts, popular Jamaican reggae singer Jamar Rolando McNaughton Jr aka Chronixx too, was full of praise for Kenya.

The ‘Here Comes Trouble’ hit singer, who jetted into the country last Saturday with his Zinc Fence Redemption band for a concert in Nairobi, said that Kenya is one of the countries that gave him support during his formative years as a musician and for that, he is humbled.

“Kenya is a very special place for reggae and dancehall music. The acceptance, support and appreciation for my music by my fans here is very humbling,” he said in a press conference.

“Everybody dreams to be in Africa and that’s why there’s no wasting an opportunity when it presents itself,” he said.

“Many people talk of repatriation and some of them think it’s just repatriating the wealth to Africa. It’s not just that. You have to first repatriate your mind. Accepting yourselves as human beings, as Africans, is vital.”

On Saturday, the singer who has just released a 26-track mixtape titled ‘Roots and Chalice,’ rocked thousands of fans at the KICC grounds in Nairobi.

For over two hours, he performed to songs like Here Comes Trouble, Ain’t No Giving In, Ghetto People, Roots And Chalice, Smile Jamaica, Access Granted, Most I and Play Some Roots .

Kenya’s most revered reggae emcees and deejays at the event included: ZJ Heno & Empire Sounds, Kris Darlin & Dhoty Family, Muzikal Sheriff & Ras Style, Fyah Mummah Jahmby & Selector Technics, DJs Bling, Double Trouble and MC Phillipo.

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Photos/ Moses Mwangi