groupBorrowed —>>>

Years back poor illiterate parents produced Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Accountants, Lawyers, Architects, Professors of yesterday and some whom I will refer to as Group ‘A’. These Group ‘A’ Children struggled on their own after Primary 6 or WASCE to become notable personalities. Most of them trekked to school barefooted and went to farm or do itinerant trading after school to survive.

Now Group ‘A’ ,who have now become Parents themselves are producing Group ‘B’ Children who are pampered and helped in their homeworks or home assignments from nursery school through secondary schools to higher institutions. Group ‘B’ children are chauffeur driven to very expensive schools and they watched Nickelodeon, Musical videos and do a lot of Pinging after school.

Their parents help them in doing their assignments. In spite of all these, only few can speak or write correctly.

Group ‘A’ Parents cared for their own parents and children, Group ‘B’,their Children are still struggling to find their feet at age 30+. They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by Group ‘A’. So they can’t help themselves, their parents or the society.

Where do you belong?

Reduce the pampering and help you offer your children. Let your children grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength. Let them be street wise and independent. Teach them to fear God, respect for others and develop confidence in themselves.