sonko8Nairobi senator Mike Sonko has said that he has no apologies for remarks he made recently linking Nairobi governor Evans Kidero to murder.

Last week Wednesday, the two Nairobi leaders were embroiled in a spat during a session of Senate’s County Public Accounts and Investments Committee in which Sonko linked Governor Kidero to murder and accused him of grabbing people’s property.

Governor Kidero has since said he will not appear before the Committee if Sonko is not punished for insulting him.

Committee Chairman Anyang Nyong’o called on the senator to substantiate his claims but he could not.

However, on Monday, Mike Sonko came out once again to say he has efficient documentary and video evidence to prove the allegations.

Posting on his social media pages, the senator said, “Whenever I raise issues pertaining to corruption at city hall some people change the story that im playing politics coz of the Governorship race but I have sufficient documentary and video evidence to prove my allegations. They say do not release all your arsenals when going for a war but im shortly going to release them all through an affidavit im going to swear without any fear coz ‘mimi niko’ ready for anything.”




The senator further claimed that the Mumias Sugar super looting cartel now resides in City Hall.