OwiyoWith five albums to her name Suzanna Owiyo is undoubtedly one of the most popular musicians in the country. So popular is she that she has been nicknamed the ‘Tracy Chapman of Africa.’

Lately, her music has not been forthcoming, making her fans restless about what she has been upto.

She spoke to Standard where she opened up about her upcoming projects and personal life.

Critics are of the opinion that you have been on the low musically, what have you been up to?

Let us just say that I have been busy working on a number of projects. The fact that I do not stage many shows locally does not mean that I am musically down.

Despite the handful local shows mainly at corporate functions, I have been busy building international links across the globe besides travelling to market my music beyond the Kenyan borders. I am glad that so far the results have been very positive.

Does this mean that we should expect something from you very soon?

Yes, I am busy working on a number of new projects that will come as a huge surprise to my fans anytime when they least expect it. Let’s just say that they comprise unique sound from the lakeside fused with contemporary rhythms. I strongly believe that once it is ready for release the reception will be enormous owing to its distinctiveness from my previous releases.

What of staging shows locally?

I believe you will see much more of me than before. Having returned from my overseas tour I will be staging an exclusive concert this Friday at The Karen Oasis starting 9 pm where I will use the opportunity to give fans the best of entertainment. Advance tickets are available for Sh2000 and Sh2500 at the gate.

Speaking of music how many albums have you released so far?

They are Kisumu, Sandore, Wachna, Ngato Gi Mare and Anyango. For me music has always been a process hence the need to take time and come out with something quality and of standard that will be appreciated with many besides having longevity.

Unlike most of your fellow musicians you sing in your mother tongue but still manage to penetrate beyond the borders what is the secret to your success?

It all comes down to originality, creativity, self-confidence, hard work, perseverance and belief in God. Most times people out there want to listen to something different from their usual sounds which they are used to. The fact that I have successfully embraced my culture in my music – which is purely Kenyan fused with a tinge of contemporary sounds has given me a niche over my peers.

As for using my mother tongue  Dholuo- a language which I best understand and can equally express myself it is amazing how fans locally and beyond are still able to connect with my music.

Tell us about your private life

I have been married to Mr Ounga Oguda as a second wife for a period of sixteen years now. I have a 14 year –old daughter.

Aside from music what do you do?

I have several businesses which I manage.  I am also a loving mother, wife and a role model to the society.

Source: Standard