willis1Whether you live in Kitisuru or in Mathare, you will agree that having a rat in your house is bad news. You will also agree that once you catch that rat, you have the right as a law abiding citizen to throw a huge party to celebrate the capture. But I digress.

Citizen TV studios had the misfortune of having the unwanted guest until recently when it met its untimely death through electrocution.

As a result, Royal Media Services colleagues Willis Raburu and former Tusker Project Fame contestant Ng’ang’alito made a video to celebrate the rat’s death through song and dance.

Posting the video on Facebook, ‘comedian’ Willis Raburu captioned it, “When you find that RAT that did not want you to prosper and electricity got to it first!! Ngangalito n i had to dedicate this song and bring you this message!”

 Check out this madness:

Willis Raburu