lawA huge ruling is expected in Mombasa this week.

The High Court will on Thursday rule in a case where two homosexuals have challenged the constitutionality of undergoing an anal examination as proof of being gay.

Mr Caleb Idris and Mr George Maina Njeri, had gone to court seeking dismissal of evidence the prosecution had obtained from them. They claimed it was acquired illegally.

Through lawyer Ligunya Sande, the two said they were forced to undergo an anal examination, which they said subjected them to torture, cruel and degrading treatment.

“My clients were subjected to forced medical examination against their will, which was humiliating and unconstitutional,” Ms Sande said in a petition. “It violated their constitutional rights.”

The ruling was supposed to be issued on Monday, but Justice Anyara Emukule announced that it was not ready.

Well, as the rest of the world gets more civilized, here we are.

Additional reporting by Nairobi News