Car enthusiasts all over the world will agree with me that a Rolls Royce is the epitome of class and luxury. Most of us dream of owning one, especially after several have been imported into the country.



However, not all of us have upwards of Sh30 million lying around in our coffers to even splash on a depreciating asset.

One Kenyan car owner is however not going down without a fight. After all, Lupita said dreams are valid.

A first look at his ‘Rolls Royce’ is enough to fool even the staunchest car lovers. A closer look however, reveals that it is infact a Chrysler 300 that has been given a facelift to look like a Phantom.

The rear door is the first dead giveaway as it is not a suicide door, a preserve of Rolls Royce vehicles.

Check it out:

rolls royce

Photo of a real Rolls Royce


And a Chrysler