brock10Ladies, in case you didn’t know it yet, there is an almost perfect human specimen in the country for you to thirst over. Gents, hide your women and find ways to stomach your envy.

His name is Brock O’Hurn and at 24 years of age, he is famous as one of Instagram’s hottest dudes.

Brock is in the country for a noble cause that involves conservation of elephants. Through his company EbbandFlowJewelry, Brock is in the country to teach people how to make bracelets and place new trackers on elephants that will help in tracking them.

He wrote on his Facebook page over the weekend:

“On my way to Kenya. I couldn’t be more thankful for what we are about to do. That through my own company I get to go somewhere to create jobs for people in need by teaching them how to make bracelets locally.

To track down and place new trackers on bull elephants to keep them safe from poachers. To do what I can with what I have. This journey is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you.. Never be afraid to stand up and do what’s right.

Goodbye LA Hello Kenya ?❤”

His noble cause was however overshadowed by his looks as Kenyan women went nuts. Here are photos to show you why:

Making friends deep in the Loita forest ?

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In his facebook post, someone pointed out that it was condescending of him to claim that he’s coming to teach Kenyans ‘how to make bracelets locally.’

The facebook user, Lucille Kahara commented: “Is it just me or do you guys also find it quite condescending for him to claim that he’s coming to teach Kenyans ‘how to make bracelets locally’, when beaded and metal jewelry has been a part of our culture since time in memorial? #Dingehota

But Kenyan women were having none of that. Here are some reactions:

Adhiambo Onyango: I didn’t read the caption sorry – my thirst blinds me sometimes – I should get that checked :’)

Ciru Muriuki(former Nation FM radio presenter): Yeah, the phrasing was unfortunate. But then I look at him and my ovaries win.*grin emoticon*

Kangai Mwiti:  Ciru did I just read what I read?? First- let’s just focus on winning ovaries. My day has been made. I feel like you understand my plight. And yes- he does have bracelets that retail for $195 but hey- I respect the man and his hustle.. and his hair… Lakini this mama who’s assuming many things please… Take several seats my friend. I was about to just sharw some well-designed epithets but you beat me to it.

Nescy Bakhita: I was so excited i ddnt finish reading the status..then i saw this comment and i had to go back and read the status and now am like WTF dude???

Diana Okello: I thought bracelets originally came from Kenya how can he be coming to teach us how to make them ? Anyway I think he is handsome

Murugi Njagi: Welcome to Kenya, love. I love you. I love elephants. Teach me everything about bracelets and elephants, and whatever.

Essy Muriuki: Brock are you still in Kenya.. Ohh my I loooooveee art.. Everything to do with art even Artcaffe, Artieno ,Artiriri… You just don’t know how much.. I can even show you the best bank to open an account with#Chase Bank.. They will teach you how to receive a sheep..

Sasha Ren: For those arrogant Kenyans who are busy picking on Brock because he said he is coming to Kenya to teach us how to make bracelets and create more job opportunities, can you just shut up and ask yourself what have you done to create a job opportunity here at home or make somebody’s life better ,,, Some of you have never given a penny to a beggar and you hating on Brock who is flying all the way from LA for a good cause,, REALLY???? Smh anyway Brock Karibu Kenya

Prince Qash Kahando: Kindly change the picture for this post and replace it with a bracelet. It wouldn’t be fair for you to leave Kenya with Thika road bumps on your face after stealing our ladies with your looks. Enjoy your stay though. Kenya is one of the safest and most ful country in Africa ?.

Ej Nene Ntiritu: I’ll even hold the elephants as you put trackers on them. You are so fine. I could be your jumbo. meeeeaaaaaooooowww

Lilliane Owili Okuta Hahaa eti all of a sudden we’re all single…n all of us now love saving elephants and want this cute guy to teach us everything about bracelets,elephants,lions and any other wild animals and ‘things’ he likes? Hahaa,Kenyans!

Annitta Lumallas: Hihihi I want to learn!!!! While at it I can take you to safaris @ Masolia Lavender we must learn this whatever he is teaching aiiiiii

Nazarene Waithera Ngahu: you can stay at my place ?

Sophie AngelFeasting with my eyes…… How can someone look this good….?

Yvonne Mukuna: he’s so beautiful!! is he real?! and teach Kenyans how to bead?! don’t we know how to do that already?! just asking…

Njo KiMercy Geraldsnow now…uuuhhhmmm, ovaries refusing to calm down.