I know if I were to ask how much worth some of us are, some people would be worth as much as the last coins they have stashed deep in their torn wallets. Yes, that is what is common to most of the hustling lot that we have out there, but there are a few of us who have ‘so much money that cannot even fit in a bank’. Well, there has always been an ever widening rift between the poor and the rich.

Speaking of the rich and flashy people, I came across a video of a young Kenyan guy who has stacks of millions of banknotes and a money counting machine just right in his house, that had me thinking of how someone could risk having such hefty amounts of cash outside a bank. Anyway, I guess when Bob Collymore took the first step in declaring his wealth, this guy also decided to follow suit.

Check him out counting and flaunting his cash.