sonkoKenyans have likened Nairobi senator Mike Sonko to Tanzania president John Pombe Magufuli after he opted to ditch his expensive rides for a hired motorbike. However, his decision to ride on a motorbike was due to circumstance rather than choice due to the heavy traffic on Nairobi roads.

The flamboyant took a ‘nduthi'(as they are locally referred to) on Monday. Ordinarily, politicians especially a wealthy Mike Sonko would never resort to using a BodaBoda in any circumstances as it is regarded a transport means for the ordinary Kenyan citizen.

He wrote on social media, “Today Nairobis traffic is very hectic but mimi nilijichanua boda boda till home. Ukiona utalala kwa jam jichanue.”

He later joked that he was cash strapped and had to take a loan to pay the Boda Boda guy.

“Let us call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Yani chapa imelost mpaka jana nilikuwa dry kabisa i had to borrow a soft loan from Mshwari to pay boda boda via Mpesa. I always say anyone can be broke and you should all know ni Christmas na Chapaa imelost sana Maisha imekuwa ngumu.. Mimi pia niko dry sana.”

Here’s the video