A look at some of the stories making headlines today.

Hillary Clinton’s emails are full of compliments about her glasses
Rowdy UoN Students Raid Nakuru Hotel and Supermarket Liquor Section, Then Demand Waiguru Foots the Bill

Saudi Arabia now has the money to build the world’s tallest tower
France’s tourism industry seeks comeback after an estimated $2 billion in damage

Ghostly ships with gruesome cargo hit Japan’s shores – CNN.com
UNICEF: Adolescent deaths from AIDS have tripled since 2000 – CNN.com

For $250,000, you can buy this South Dakota ghost town
Suarez should have been on Ballon d’Or shortlist, say Messi and Neymar

Premier League clubs spent £130m on agents’ fees in the last year
Zinedine Zidane’s son, Luca, sent off for appearing to headbutt rival

The most interesting takeaways from the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails
People’s racist Facebook comments are ending up on billboards near their homes

13 things mentally strong people don’t do
Barca to pay Santos £1.4m after Neymar makes Ballon d’Or final three

#PopeBars meme is the holy answer your dreams of a hip-hop Pope Francis
Adorable baby goat learns how to hop by copying its human friend

Ted Cruz on contraception: ‘Last I checked we don’t have a rubber shortage in America’
Obama, Putin meet at COP21 summit in Paris – CNNPolitics.com

Lionel Messi named La Liga’s best player at Spanish top flight awards
Pope: There are bigger issues than condoms and HIV

Toddler loses an eye after consumer drone spins out of control
China factory activity slumps to three-year low

This buffalo chicken finger looks exactly like a penis
These haunting iceberg murals only survived for a week before they melted – CNN.com