mo1Well, a little social media banter never hurt no one. In fact, this particular one has been wildly hilarious and quite interesting.

Two popular public figures in the country, XtianDela and DJ Mo, have been roasting each other and in the process have unearthed little known and surprising details about their past.

It all started when the African Twitter Personality trolled DJ Mo over a music video the latter shot when he was part of a gospel rap group back in the day. The DJ was in the group H- Camp back in the day where they shot a cheap music video dubbed ‘Kambi Ya Christ.’

Sharing a photo collage from the video, Xtian Dela wrote, “Blood of Zachariah!! But why?!?! Why would someone do this to themselves? Why would someone shoot a rap video kwa tank ya maji? Did you know @djmokenya was once a rapper? …Can you spot him? ️️️️ (Search “Kambi ya Christ” on YouTube)”


To which DJ Mo roasted Xtian over a Ksh 246 debt.

“I know you don’t want to pay my 246bob -I know what you are going through right now ,your prayers are not going through ,all your friends not talking to you anymore ????? coz you have nothing ,you have ran out out credit ,too much on your plate to handle right now ….you even owe mama Mboga 20bob hence entering home at 2am daily -I know all this but please -pick up my phone calls -nakujulia hali tu -sikuitishi pesa”

Then Xtian hit back with this:


“God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY , above all we can ask or IMAGINE!
IMAGINE! someone once looked like this. ?? IMAGINE! hapa filters zilitumika zote mpaka Simu ikahang na bado Kijana anakaa gunia ya viazi ??????? IMAGINE! mtu kizungu ilikua noma, siku hizi God amemwonekania vibe ni “grandiloquent” na “austrophobic” ???..Heavy terms that am sure he himself doesn’t understand, indeed God has blessed you that you now speak in tongues ?????? IMAGINE! He is the only hope that his village has, the only one who has ever stepped out of their village into Nairobi, the only person in their village’s history to ever be on TV, to ever be on a plane, sorry…to ever be on a Bus..let’s not push it with the plane vibe ???????..Their village is so remote hata MP wao hajawai fika Nairobi, hua ana attend parliament proceedings through WhatsApp group ya ma MP ?????? IMAGINE! Huyu Ni mtu alikua anakaa jambazi, mtu hata Wezi walikua wanaogopa! ???..Mwizi anafunga job 6pm juu hataki kupatana na huyu jamaa usiku kwa barabara ?????????♿️♿️♿️ IMAGINE! Despite all this..God still loves him and used him. Remember, God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY , above all we can ask or IMAGINE! Don’t give up! God will change your past and give you a great future..Look at @djmokenya now, who would have ever thought?

DJ Mo was not going down without a fight. He posted this


“Siku ya kwanza @xtiandelaakishtua village yao na Reebok’s..#shoegame pale na anacheza ile game ya “Katolo” (kama mnavyo ona akisongeza mawe kwa mguu) as the kids follow.. Waluhya na vikombe tuu…they are well represented ???????.multitasking. God you are an awesome God.. ????? watu wametoka mbali. Wueeeh!!!”

As their social media followers grabbed popcorn, the roast culminated in both sharing embarrassing videos of each other from their respective musical exploits.

Check them out below

WHAT IS FAITH? Hebrews 11:1 says ” NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality” (Hebrews 11:1 AMP) FAITH is being sure of something you can’t see. FAITH is being sure that You can make it in life even though you can’t see the reality of it now. FAITH is being sure that you have won the battle even before your opponent draws their sword. FAITH is being sure you have defeated Xtian Dela even before he plays his JOKER card; the card that will win the game. FAITH is being sure Xtian Dela sent you a text begging for bundles while we all know you have two phones, where you changed one’s WhatsApp’s Profile picture and name and cooked a conversation to help you win the battle but in turn it failed. Yes! FAITH! FAITH is believing that one day you will be a soldier and not just any soldier, but a well respected, high ranking soldier at the Kambi ya Christ Millitary Base overseas… in Ongata Rongai. FAITH is being sure that will start off as a DANCER, then a RAPPER and finally a DJ. Yes! FAITH! NEVER have I seen such FAITH in a man than I have seen in @DjMoKenya. Today my brother, I salute you for your FAITH. Very few people, if none have had the FAITH to shift careers from being PROFESSIONAL and SUCCESSFUL Dance Choreographers to EXTREMELY TALENTED Rappers then finally TOPA DE TOP DJs!! Today I Celebrate your FAITH! Your ability of being sure of things you can not see. FAITH! *CAN YOU SPOT @DjMoKenya?* Who wants the full clip?

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A wise man said, “Never start what you cannot finish.” After @xtiandela kuweka graphics zake kwa hiyo video anaclaim niko, mimi nikaonelea nipite na hii. Hebrews 10:23 says, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess,for He who promised is faithful.” bro enyewe umetoka far #Godspeed..Cheki hizo moves Wakristo Band Ministries. Na alikuwa akijiita NAOMI NYONGESA btw????? HE USED TO WEAR CURTAINS ????????? uliniambia hii video ilikucost Ksh 480,000 na huyo vocalist wako hata hukumlipa ata bob.. ulikuwa unapenda checked shirts hizo days… Smile nayo????? Hizo siku ulikuwa ukivaa zile longi za kubebwa na upepo before upgrade to jeans.. Enzi za jeans natambulika Bro.. kwanza Savco???? ????? Ulikuwa ume surrender bro????? I suspect Hii video was shot on Boxing Day (26th december).????? Aliacha utumishi akaaingia Social Media.. ?????? we miss this humble @xtiandela who God used to use. kuja ujitetee.?? @xtiandela

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