uhuru-magufuliThere’s a tendency of new presidents worldwide to be overly enthusiastic in doing their jobs. Most make huge promises of changing the way things are done, and they often mean it, but soon end up being the ones changed by the system.

When Uhuru was elected in 2013, Kenyans were optimistic that our biggest challenge – corruption would be dealt with, and I’m pretty sure Uhuru was determined to see unto it.

We however all know what has been happening.

Tanzania, it can be argued, is in a similar situation. Their new President is determined to change the country for the better and is leading from the front. He has cancelled expensive state dinners, cancelled foreign trips, fired corrupt and non-performing officials and yesterday named a very lean cabinet.

For Tanzania’s Independence day celebrations this week, Magufuli directed that general cleaning be done. He led from the front and photos of him picking up garbage have been circulating online.

However, our own Uhuru did it first, but has never done it again. We would all wish this not be a one time PR stunt, but unfortunately it more often is.









But we still ask. Who did it better?