xpatUpcoming musician, Xpat Mkwanja has come out to accuse P-unit’s Gabu of swindling him Sh.20,000.

According to the Kisumu rapper, Gabu heard the track to his new song Nyama Kwa Nyama, liked it and through producer Ulopa requested to be featured on it.

Gabu and Mkwanja reportedly signed an agreement to do a collabo.

However, Gabu later changed his mind and demanded to be paid Sh 20,000 for featuring on the jam.

“Gabu demanded a collaboration fee, which I agreed to pay. Unfortunately, when it came to recording the song, he began making all manner of excuses. I got frustrated and demanded to know what was going on,” X-pat told Heads Up.

The rapper says Gabu has been avoiding him.

“Efforts to get him do his part of the song or give me back my money are futile,” He said.

When reached for comment Gabu brushed it off saying, ‘No Comment.’

-Heads Up