Ben Carson will not be coming to trace his ancestors in Kenya after all.

The American presidential hopeful was to spend a week in Africa, touring Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia from December 27th.

In Nigeria, he was supposedly to visit a school named after him, while Zambia is the homeland of conjoined twins he successfully separated in 1997.

“My ancestors are from the Kenya-Tanzania region, the Turkana tribe.. I’ve had all of that traced back,” he said to Hugh Hewitt, an American radio talk-show host on why he was to visit Kenya.

Turkana people live nowhere near Tanzania, but that is just one of the blunders in Carson’s campaign. Some time back, he came under fire when he put Massachusetts where it was not supposed to be on the map. (That was probably done by a campaign worker, but you get the point)

He has also said some things he would want to take back on homosexuality, Nazi Germany and the holocaust, Islam, the gold standard as a currency valuation, among several other gaffes.

Carson was once a promising candidate and for a brief period overtook Donald Trump as the leading Republican contender, but since that stabbing incident he describes in Gifted Hands was called to question, he has slipped to third and now sits behind Senator Ted Cruz.

To show just how clueless he and his campaign is on Foreign Policy, his senior adviser Armstrong Williams said that the reason they cancelled the African trip was because of security concerns.

“Boko Haram in Kenya and Nigeria had an interest in Dr. Carson. We certainly weren’t going to endanger his life or anybody else’s life.’’ Armstrong told The New York Times.

Obviously there is no Boko Haram in Kenya, but coming from the same person who thinks his ‘cousins’ the Turkana are still migrating between Kenya and Tanzania, I wouldn’t say I’m surprised.