There is a new mobile game in town that is all the rage, especially among members of the Luhya community.

Dubbed Ale The Luhya, the game uses Biblical concepts in a graphical and fun way to evangelize and draw people towards Christ and make people find delight in Him. In the game, you play as a person called Ale (Short for Alex) who is from the luhya tribe of Kenya, wearing an Ingwe Jersey (striped shirt-blue and white) and grey trouser.

The mission of the game is to catch as many chicken as you can. Each chicken earns you points.

There is flour to boost your speed for only 2 seconds whereas the Bible boosts your speed for 22 seconds. The concept behind that, according to creators of the game Echaminya Mbarani and Juma Ronald, comes from the bible Matthew 4:4. (Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God).

To complete the whole Luhya package, the game’s music is mwana wa mberi.

For more details and download, click HERE

Here are some photos