zariDiamond Platnumz’ wife, Zari Hassan has disclosed that she was in abusive relationship with her ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

The startling revelation comes days after Zari confessed that she still feels something for Ivan Ssemwanga despite currently dating Diamond Platnumz.

“Having been my husband for 10 years and the father of my children, he (Ivan) will always have a spot in my heart and I am sure that I also have a spot in his,” stated the wealthy businesswoman.

However, while speaking to NTV Uganda’s Mwasuze Mutya show with presenter Faridah Nakazibwe on Thursday morning, Zari said that she put a lot of effort in trying to salvage their union.

“I tried so much to mend the relationship so as it works but it failed. I was abused by Ssemwanga even in front of my kids, sometimes it happened in public. I think everyone knows that now. It’s a common thing in relationships so it shouldn’t be a secret,” said the mother of four.