atemiPopular Kenyan songstress Atemi has jumped to the defence of Dela’s Swahili version of Adele’s popular hit ‘Hello.’

Dela dropped the song weeks ago, which went on to receive overwhelming praise not only locally but internationally. Despite the brilliance of her Swahili translation coupled with her amazing vocals, some people still found fault with the song.

Responding to one such blogger, Afro fusion diva Atemi ranted in a Facebook post, “I always find it sad when Kenyans put down other Kenyans instead of building them up. The case I’m taking about today is a blog with an attack on Dela Maranga’s cover of Adelle’s ‘Hello’. We have seen lots of artistes world wide cover Adelle’s song, but this Kenyan blogger chooses to pick on the only Kenyan who has covered it so far and covered it well. This cover has been written about on the likes of, Apple.News and Harpers Bazaar to name a few, all giving major props to the Swahili cover that is now at 200k plus views. Sad that the negative article/blog on the song is from home!”

She added, “Now to be fair, the writer doesn’t just talk about Dela in her article and maybe her points on some of the copyright infringement are correct…I wouldn’t know as I have no knowledge of where/if the other named artistes got legal advise…but I am guessing that she doesn’t either as in the case of Dela…who did! Shall we just take to tearing our fellow Kenyans down at any chance possible? What about the good things that are going on in Kenya? Is anyone interested in writing about that? If we don’t praise ourselves for the good things we do, who should we expect to do that for us? I’m challenging you today…find something nice about this lovely place we live in and speak up about it. Today, I’m saying that I’m amazed at how clever Dela was to come up with the idea of a swahili cover! And it’s lovely!”