Every man worth his salt has his own little collection of big boy toys they like to flash around, you know, something to help them keep their sanity and egos intact, and just to clarify; it’s not the PG 18 kind of toys we are talking about here.
So maybe you don’t have to own a yacht by 2016 or a speed bike or even a dammed hover board. But if you don’t have at least one of these gadgets by the time your aunties start asking why you are still single you need to sit down and seriously think about your life.
Thankfully, starting the 14th to 18th of December these gadgets and more will only be a click away on the Kilimall Krisi Ibambe offers Christmas and at amazing deals of discounts from 50% off. So let’s go over that bucket list once more and see if we can beat Santa …or your auntie, whoever comes first.

A smart smartphone











It’s the 21st century. The smartphone you carry as a man decides whether or not she will say yes, (Its that serious gentlemen) like they can tell how smart you are by the smartphone you carry. Still, you wouldn’t want to play the odds. It’s YOLO remember?
You don’t want a smartphone that begs for attention. No. You want a smartphone that commands attention. A smartphone that makes a statement. One that says; I am the real deal, face it. If the iPhone is too much of an overreach for you, the Xiami Redmi2 would be a good place to start. Or for a few extra notes, the Infinix Zero 2.

A smart watch

3Everyone can tell time, but not everyone can receive calls, listen to music or monitor their heart rate and body temperature from their wrists. Besides being a bold statement maker, the smart watch is the most dynamic piece of gadget you can ever own as a guy. And for all its worth, it could save your life, literally. Definitely something you want off your bucket list before the year ends. It is actually recommended by Kilimall…and doctors.

Good Headphones

4Headphones do not have to look like something a member of the bomb squad would wear. You know them; those hideously designed headphones that make you look extraterrestrial. There are beautiful headphones out there. Headphones that don’t only ooze rich surround music but also art and class. Check out the Crown headset on www.kilimall.co.ke to sample a real masterpiece.

Bluetooth Speakers

These handy portable devices save you the agony of having miles and miles of wires running through your already crowded bachelor pad, and even more importantly, the agony of tripping over this labyrinth. The Hinovitouch bluetooth speaker on Kilimall even allows you to receive phone calls on it.

A smart power bank

5At first glance, it looks like something you would see on a Star Wars movie. The smart powerbank not only has all the capabilities of a smartphone but packs a 10000 mAh battery complete with charging ports so that when your smartphone is running low on charge, you simply plug it in. This is for those folks who plan to travel up country for the Christmas holidays.

From the 14th to the 18th of December on the Kilimall Krisi Ibambe deals, you will find the best of smartphones and electronics to complete your Christmas experience It’s really as simple as logging on to the Kilimall Ibambe offer page, and enjoying the best discounts on all these and much more.