pierra2Popular female disc jockey, Pierra Makena, has come out to respond to claims that she was involved in a fierce cat fight with singer Dela over a man.

According to an article in a popular Friday pull out, the two were spotted at an uptown classy joint having a heated argument about a mutual male friend. It was further alleged that they resorted to exchanging blows and hair pulling.

The situation was made worse by the release of Dela’s widely popular jam, Mafeelings, which was reportedly inspired by the fight.

Pierra Makena has come out to deny any such brawl with Dela.

She posted on her Instagram alongside a cut out of the article, “Can that man please stand up!!!!!!!”


She followed that up by claiming she can’t fight over a man because she has singer Ness De Diva as her crush.

“Let’s not get it twisted……. Why would I fight for a Man when I have such WCW???? @nessdediva”