mejjaLast week, the Kenyan hip hop scene was embroiled in a battle of sorts pitting Juliani against King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones. The Exponential Potential rapper started the ‘war’ on twitter calling out the rest to choose a date for a rap battle.

The debate saw a lot of Kenyans weigh in on who rightfully deserves to be crowned King. However, popular hitmaker Mejja has come out to dismiss the four as inconsequential noisemakers.

According to Mejja, the likes of Kalamashaka and Ukoo Flani are still the Kings.

“Naskia Kuna Vita Ya Hip Hop Kings. Kwangu Kalamashaka A.K.A K Shaka Still Rule, Rhyme And Reason Hiyo Ingine Ni Kelele Lol Ukoo Flani Mau Mau Music Was On Point.