walterThe State House trespasser who claimed to be Uhuru Kenyatta friend is set to be admitted at Mathari Hospital for treatment. Mr Juma Walter made headlines in October when he told a Nairobi court that the president was his friend and that he had trespassed to go see him. Incase you missed the details, click HERE.

Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo, made the decision despite protests from the accused who claimed that a previous mental assessment was not done well.

“Your honour that assessment was not credible. They only asked me if I could hear strange voices. I request to be returned home to Bungoma where I will be under the care of my family,” said the accused.

The Magistrate dismissed his claims after it was determined that the accused could also not remember the day he came to Nairobi.

Mr. Walter in an earlier hearing had claimed that he was “above the law” because of his close relationship with the President.

“Your honour it is not my first time to be there. I have been staying at the football pitch. But this time the police arrested me and when I asked to be taken to the President because he knows me, they refused,” he said.

He was arrested on October 27 by General Service Unit (GSU) officers.