Have you changed your Facebook profile picture to support France? Well, someone somewhere thinks you are dumb.

A twitter user has elicited angry reactions from other users, especially Africans, after she posted a racist tweet. According to her, Africans who have been changing their profile pictures are apparently trying to get  free Visas.

The user, known as Kelsey Reynolds is not new on the interwebs. She became famous after she posted a picture of herself and trolling ‘black boys’ that they can’t handle her.

Here’s a reminder


Of Course she was hilariously trolled after the post



Following the deadly terrorist attacks on France and the subsequent ‘standing with France’ that involved lacing one’s profile picture with the flag of France, Kelsey posted the tweet below.


The tweet of course irked a lot of people, who launched an onslaught on her on twitter. We have sampled some reactions;