Pope Francis arrival this evening is highly anticipated. The city is expected to come to a standstill from around 5pm, and basically until he departs on Friday.

He is a special Pontiff and deserves a special welcome.

As expected, entrepreneurs are cashing in on this visit. Branded T-shirts, keyholders, calendars, mugs etc. are currently on sale, and it will be big business for the next two days.

It’s just right that you ‘show your love’ for the Holy Father with this ‘Pope is Dope’ T-Shirt available on Kaymu.co.ke, or you may choose the ‘Pope Baba Yao’ one.


Better still, you can go for the white ‘Jesus Inside’ T-shirt for all occasions.


On Kaymu, you’ll also find magic cups. I’m told they change colour when something hot is poured into them.


You’ll be surprised at how cheap these things are.

If you are like me, you’ll probably go for a rosary. You don’t even have to be catholic to wear one of these. It just accessorizes your outfit superbly.

Get all these on Kaymu.co.ke right now and welcome the Pope in style.