ericAs if his popularity as one of Kenya’s top comedians wasn’t enough, Eric Omondi went ahead and scored himself an Italian beauty as a girlfriend. Truly, the kind of stuff expected from any self respecting Luo man!

The comedian’s relationship with Chantal Grazioli is one that has endeared the love birds to Kenyans. Eric Omondi has in particular pulled all the stops to treat her right, and this is one relationship most Kenyans see heading to the church aisle.

That aside, Eric Omondi still has the tough task of convincing Chantal’s daddy that he is the right man for his little angel. Not only does Eric Omondi have a daddy to contend with but a brother, Giuseppe Grazioli.

We have come across a glimpse of the main men in Chantal’s life and lucky for Eric Omondi because their faces are not at all scary.

Check them out

eric omondi

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