For the past two weeks, heavy rains have hit all parts of the country hard, causing floods that have led to destruction of property and worse still, loss of lives. As at the moment, some hundreds of Kenyans have been left homeless and stranded after rains washed down their houses.

Well, El-Nino has become a blessing and curse at the same time.

Below is a compilation of the aftermath that the rains have caused in some major towns in Kenya.

El-Nino in Mombasa 4
El-Nino in Mombasa 3
El-Nino in Mombasa 2
El-Nino in Mombasa 1
El-Nino in Kenya
El-Nino in Kenya 3
El-Nino in Kenya 2
El-Nino in Emali market 4
El-Nino in Emali market 3
El-Nino in Emali market 2
El-Nino in Emali market 1