pope4The government has refused to gift Kenyans a public holiday. They didn’t do it during Obama’s visit, and it was only logical they don’t do it this time… or was it?

There’s talk of 1 million people attending the public mass, but with everyone at work, I don’t know if that’s attainable.

Anyway, there will still be a lot of interruptions in Nairobi and those coming to the CBD will be in for a long two days.

Pope Francis will arrive at JKIA on Wednesday at around 5pm. You can expect Mombasa Road or part of it to be closed at around this time, and basically all roads leading from the airport to State House. People are however being encouraged to line up the streets and wave at the Holy Father.

Here’s the Pope’s full program and a memo from the traffic department.

UPDATE: Thursday 26th November has been declared a public holiday and a national day of prayer.