jag2NACADA Board member Charles Njagua Kanyi has fired yet another salvo at his colleagues at the board for pretending to be working.

Jaguar’s latest sentiments come amidst news that the board is set to be disbanded. Members of Parliament want the Mututho-led agency disbanded over laxity and ineffectiveness.

Mututho and his officers have been accused of overstepping their mandate by trying to control alcohol and drug abuse when their job is to campaign against the vice. The agency is also accused of misusing funds allocated to it by procuring goods and services without following due process of tendering.

Mututho and his team are accused of wasting over KSh 137 million on consultancy services for disbursement of the funds and procurement of media services.

Following the news, Jaguar took to his Facebook page to respond. Expressing delight at the move to have NACADA disbanded, Jaguar further accused some board members of pretending to be working in Naivasha.

He wrote,

“Happy abt Disbanding Nacada,as i have said time and again there is alots of curruption hindering the fight of drug abuse in Nacada and as i speak some board members and top management are holed up in a expensive Naivasha hotel pretending to be working lakini kwangu wako holiday…iam calling on the C.s and treasury to freeze nacada accounts to stop the countinued wastage of public funds….. and call on parliament to speed up the process so that a new team with a vision can be appointed to head Nacada.”