Going by photos and captions from her instagram, socialite Corazon seems to be spell-bound by a hunk dude (meddiessntongo) she met sometime back while on one of her many overseas trips.

The two have been posting photographs of them together with captions that hint something romantic going on. A few days ago she posted, ‘this man #tchaai ???? ???? can’t believe I have to leave you and go back to kenya ? @meddiessntongo #MCM as f*ck’, after which the dude posted, ‘Badgyal I just wanna take you home ??? @lilythegenie.’

Well as we wait to know what is really cooking between them, below are photos of the man who is making Corazon want to stay away from home for so long.

Corazon's bae 1
Corazon's bae 2
Corazon's bae 3
Corazon's bae 4
Corazon's bae 5