MDG : John Githongo, former Kenyan investigative journalistHe is arguably Kenya’s most popular anti-corruption activist for his role in blowing the whistle on statewide graft. For his role in exposing the Anglo Leasing scandal from right within the Kibaki government, John Githongo had to flee into exile in the UK to escape assassination threats.

Details of his whistle-blowing were documented in Michela Wrong’s 2009 best seller It’s Our Turn to Eat. The story of a Kenyan whistleblower. 

Now, a recently launched PanAfrican studio, Restless Global, is working on an adaptation of the book into a feature film titled State of Betrayal.

Speaking to Shadow and Act website, author wrong said,

 “John Githongo is a classic hero.  Threatened and vilified by those in power, rejected by those closest to him, alone and in exile, he nonetheless finds the strength within himself to say: ‘No. Not on my watch.’ In this instance, an African protagonist challenges a corrupt African elite. But his ordeal, his defiance, and his story will always be both universal and timeless. Turning ‘It’s Our Turn to Eat’ into a film means that this story, which is both a cautionary tale and a morality play, can touch and inspire audiences who have never heard of these scandals and barely know where Kenya is.”

Kenyan writer Nadeem Rajwani is scripting the adaptation of the book.