zawadiZawadi Nyong’o has spoken up on what it is like being a sister to her Oscar award-winning younger sister, Lupita Nyong’o.

Admitting that a lot of people confuse her for Lupita, Zawadi said, “Yes people always confuse me with her. I think she is far well known than me, but how so many people confuse us is just amazing. I have had many people call me Lupita and I think it’s all about our striking resemblance.”

The self-proclaimed Afropolitan feminist digital native added that she does not get offended or jealous of her sister.

“Not at all. I just take it in and I am quick to say that I am not her (Lupita). It’s not easy having a celebrity little sister whom you really look alike. I believe we inherited our looks from our dad. I celebrate my younger sister for her achievements.” She said.

She added, “Also, people should know that we also have achievements of our own. But it’s very rare for people to come up to me asking about my projects or like. But we all love our sister.”

Zawadi is the director of the Africa Cancer Foundation. She also owns the company, Zero, which brings together creatives, spirituals and activists, in the pursuit of art and social justice.