Kenyans are generally a very gullible lot.

An optunistic blogger this week decided he needed to cash in on this perpetual corruption, and came up with the ingenious idea of pitting Kenyans vs Zimbabweans.

He/She sat down and made up quotes of Mugabe insulting Kenyans, and as usual KOT were on fire. Even respected media personalities who are supposed to be guardians of the truth were on his case, yet this was nothing but a satirical story. Many radio stations dedicated the entire day to discuss this ‘developing story.

It’s funny that this is same blogger who made up stories about Donald Trump insulting Kenyans, yet Kenyans are still buying his bullsh#t.

Anyway, unlike other blogs, here at Nairobi Wire we don’t do obvious garbage, but we’re happy to report on the aftermath.

#KenyansVsZimbabweans is trending on Twitter, and below we look at some of the funniest memes and tweets.