creme9New details surrounding the scandalous Dj Creme de la Creme sex tape have unravelled. Following up on his public apology, Creme has revealed that he received threats from con artists prior to the leaking of the tape.

Last week, the popular DJ was the talk of the town after his private 5 minute clip featuring one, Halima, went viral. On the day it was leaked, Creme’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were reportedly hacked. His phone was tapped just as was the case with Halima Nassir, the young University of Nairobi student who has been having an affair with the celebrated DJ for five years now, reports Pulse.

Speaking to the local tabloid, Creme said that he was closing in on the fraudsters behind the leak.

“The whole (sex tape leak) thing was an accident. However, I take the blame. I made a mistake. It’s from the year 2011. Right now I am closing in on the cyber fraudsters behind it.”

He went on to reveal that the cons demanded Ksh 2 million.

“Some con artistes called me up and informed me that they had incriminating information about me. They said they wanted to negotiate after which they said they wanted me to give them Sh2 million. I was like: ‘Sh2 million for what?’ That is when they threatened to release the tape,” Crème de la Crème said.

Apparently, the sex tape was on Halima’s laptop, which disappeared mysteriously alongside other electronic gadgets in her possession. Another version of the story has it that cyber criminals hacked into the ‘couple’s’ private e-mail on the laptop.