There is a new ‘billionaire-in-waiting’ in town. Luck seems to have finally come knocking on the doorstep of a 54 year old Kalenjin man from a Chinese woman he swears he never met.

Mr. Julius Bett, a mason and a casual laborer narrates that he hooked up with Mrs. Zhu online where they started knowing each other before she asked him for his full names, email account, telephone number and bank credentials.

Later, after sending her the details, Bett claims that he received a mail from the Chinese woman explaining that he had been appointed to claim (inherit) funds deposited by the late Mrs. Angela Chen in her offshore account.

The funds in question total to a whooping $15,300,000 (about Ksh 1.5 billion). Julius already has the legal documents to claim the amount. As we wait to see if he will hit the jackpot, here is the optimistic man.

Julius Bett 1