omba2In every break up, there is a spouse who is usually hard done by the split more than the other. In the case of Gloria Muliro and her ex husband Eric Omba, it is most certainly the latter who is finding it hard to accept his fate.

The couple’s marital woes hit rock bottom early this year when the gospel songstress walked out of the marriage citing infidelity, mistrust, abuse, violence and her husband’s greed for money.

Fast forward to last week and Gloria Muliro in an interview at Tukuza gospel show declared that she had moved on and found much needed peace.

Eric Omba of course caught wind of the bold declaration via an article by a local daily and took to Facebook to post a subliminal message to Muliro’s sentiments.

He wrote;  ‘End time. You will see more drama and stories + funny and amazing pple like this, Anyway ya kaisary mrudishie kaisary na ya mungu mpe mungu’, alongside a screenshot of the article.